Demons are a common myth among many Sentient races, though the specifics that constitute a demon vary from culture to culture.

The most common idea of a demon among land-dwellers is a creature born from evil into a physical manifestation. It is said that the energies from many great evil acts will bond together into one entity, generating enough power to create a semi-physical body for itself. These creatures are thought to be gifted with many magical abilities, including the ability to shape-shift, the ability to phase through objects and walls, and the ability to possess people and animals. It is believed by land-dwellers that demons can be only killed by piercing their hearts with weapons made of silver.

Aquatic races see demons as creatures of the deep; dark monsters that dwell by chasms and caves and suck the soul out of unsuspecting Sentients who pass too closely to their territories. They are thought to often disguise themselves as less dangerous entities —such as friendly faces or colourful fish— in order to lead people to their doom. It is believed by aquatic Sentients that there are only two ways to kill a demon; to pull it above water and expose it to sunlight, or to trick it into swallowing soulstone.

In the Rendi, demons are believed to be spirits that share the bodies of children who were born in times of war, conceived through acts of terrible evil, or who suffered greatly shortly after birth. One common myth is that eggs that touched the blood of the dying become inhabited by a demon soul. Those in the Rendi believe that demons can be turned good, through hard work and compassion towards the one inhabited by the demon.

There are some racist cults, such as the False Har’pies and Followers of Kay’oten, who consider mixed-race children demons without souls of their own. They believe these children must be killed in order to purge the demons inside of them.

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