Gargoyle Chibi

Gargoyles are a legend often told to children to stop them straying too far from home. Despite their common dismissal as fairy tails, many Sentients have claimed to have encountered gargoyles; however, as most of these witnesses are children the stories are still not believed, and the few accounts from adults who claim to have seen gargoyles have been disregarded.

The gargoyle legends tell of stone-skinned shapeshifters who can’t seem get their transformations right and so come out looking warped and disfigured. They camouflage among statues in abandoned towns and cities and hoard treasures of animal bones and old silver, and protect their hoards violently from trespassers.

They are said to steal children who get lost in old ruins, and dip them in cement until they themselves turn into shapeshifting monsters with a lust for odd trinkets.

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