Grum Chibi

Grums are tiny, crafty balls of rainbow fluff whose intelligence is said to suprass that of any Sentient’s and whose magic is nearly limitless. Whether or not they are real is heavily debated, especially by those on Aurn’la, but those in the Rendi are convinced they are real and so it has become a common belief that they are native to the northern regions of the planet and do not travel too far south due to the cold.

In order to attract a grum, you must deliberately lose an item in their territories. The grum will find the item and be compelled to return it to you; though they will only approach those with a pure heart.

The urge to do good is strong in grums and they will grant a wish to the one who left behind an item; such as healing the sick or blessing a town with a good harvest. Once the wish has been granted the grum will disappear in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a colourful, glittery residue that is good luck to step on.

It is said that once a grum grants a wish you must return the favour with an equal kindness to those around you, or bad luck will follow you for the rest of your life.

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