Siren Chibi

Sirens are a myth among sailors and pirates. Not much is known about them as the only survivors of their attacks are left mentally unsound, and so many people doubt the credibility of their recounts. Many people say they are simply nightmares caused by the storms that took the rest of the survivor’s crew, but others strongly argue their existence.

They are aquatic shapeshifters who take on the form of their victims loved ones, only shifting back to their true form as they drag sailors down to their deaths.

Their true form is often described as eel-like, but with teeth so long they can’t close their mouths. They have four arms with sharp claws, and blood-stained spikes trailing down their backs. They are said to have many red, glowing eyes that focus on nothing and everything at once.

Siren attacks start with a song that enchants their victims; putting them to sleep where they stand on their ships and then calling them overboard with dream-like whispers. They drag their victims to their deaths, sucking the last breath from their lungs before discarding their dead bodies and disappearing into the deep.

They are said to fear aquatics, who have no breath to steal, and have never been known to attack a boat carrying a valenor.

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