The acian are a swamp-dwelling, crablike people who inhabit the continent of Taya Makiki to the west of Das and Leng’sor.

Not much is known about the acian people as they communicate in a language that is unknown to Sentients. However, it is clear that they do not like Sentients coming onto Taya Makiki and will urge them to leave whenever they come further than the ocean’s edge.

Despite their dislike of Sentients trespassing on their mainland, there are several islands near the continent that are shared peacefully with dassens and kurloke; and though the races don’t tend to mingle due to the vastly different cultures they often trade resources and have general understandings of each other’s etiquette. The few things that are known about acian have been learnt by these shared communities.

It is known that they live in large cities built of mud, which resemble over-sized termite mounds. They also have complex social structures and class hierarchies, including royal families. It is believed that each acian kingdom has it’s own set of laws that are independent of other acian cities.

A few Sentients who have trespassed on Taya Makiki and ignored the acian’s urging to leave have gone missing and come back years later, claiming to have been taken into slavery by the higher-classes. Luckily, this has only ever been known to happen on Taya Makiki.

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