The apohivea are one of the 6 native races found on Sunscare. They are a bee-like race, covered in powdery fuzz and sporting 4 shimmering chitin wings. They live with the hymarth and fortera in the West Factions and spend most of their time working.

Apohivea are in charge of the majority of the West Faction’s food production. However, they are known as the “beauties of the West” and often become dancers and entertainers as well. They are deeply loved by the people of the West Factions, and protected fiercely from the East Factions.

The rarest of apohivea food for Sentients to get ahold of is sun honey; a delicious sweet with medicinal properties that is generally reserved only for the people of the West Factions. However, when Sentients are able to get ahold of sun honey the jars sell for over 500 gold per 100ml.

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