Coniferie are a race of sapient plant-people who inhabit the continent of Furot to the south of Keos Leesa. They have a large variety of dimorphism in their body types; from tiny bushy critters, to woody humanoid trees, to giant hulking monster-like beasts made of vine.

They are a very gentle race that prefer peace over conflict, and prefer to live solitary lives. No more than 5 coniferie have ever been seen together at a time, and they prefer that the rest of the world leave them alone.

Their status as Mystics comes from an agreement signed by countries in the International Alliance that says Furot is off-limits for settling and general travel, as per request of the coniferie people.

Despite this agreement, coniferie have been welcoming to travellers who moore in their territories and have offered supplies and aid to those in need. The most famous incident of coniferie helping travellers is a report from a nurlak traveller who was infected with soulstone; they claimed that the coniferie used an unknown, black-coloured soulstone variant to kill the infection and save their life.

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