Elemental Sprite

Elemental Sprite Chibis

Elemental Sprites are playful little fay that are created by an overabundance of elemental magic forming into sapient life. They can be created inorganically, with great difficulty, but are happiest out in nature.

The natural form of an elemental sprite is a floating orb of magical energy, but they are able to shape-shift into small animals or humanoids. Their size remains the same throughout these transformations, however, so they are generally no bigger than a ruler’s length.

They’re not able to talk, but will often hang around campers and caravans and listen to their stories intently; responding with excitement and childish energy that shows they understand what is being said. This habit is especially common for fire sprites, who are drawn to campfires. Most don’t have an issue with the sprites’ curiosity as they help to keep the campfire under control. However, sprites are known to be rather clumsy and often accidentally break things such as cups or plates.

Sprites that hurt someone or cause damage to their property show signs of remorse and will usually follow the affected around until they are able to do something to help them; people think this is an attempt to make up for the trouble they caused, but due to the nature of elemental sprites the situation is usually worsened.

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