Faun Chibi

Fauns are believed to be decedents of nurlak who, during what the fauns refer to as the “sky’s rage,” hid in animal skins to escape from death. They fled to the quietest parts of the planet and slowly became the Mystics they are today.

They are a peaceful species that keeps away from Sentients simply due to disliking crowded areas. They prefer to live in family groups of no more than 6; usually a couple of lovers and their children, or siblings who never separated to start their own families. Because of their small family groups they are able to live sustainably, with most of their food coming from foraging and fishing.

Fauns love music and are skilled dancers with natural rhythm. They can’t resist a good song, especially during the early evenings, and even the shyest fauns may be tempted out of hiding by a small campfire party with good music.

They have the lower half of a goat or a deer, with an upper half eerily similar to a nurlak’s. Similar to the nurlak they have four eyes and long ears, but are set apart from the nurlak by the rabbit-like noses and long, curved horns. They also have long, flexible tails with a tuft of fur on the end. They use these tails for balance and hate when they are touched by anyone besides an intimate partner.

Fauns are closely related to the taur race— with cervitaurs believed to be the decedents of fauns and taur.

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