Gnoll Chibi

Gnolls are a race of bipedal, hunch-backed hyenas and wolves that live in large packs near mountains and raid travelling caravans. They originated from the unexplored Cra’nalam continent but have found their way across the territories through Demrefor’s deep cave systems.

They have a very physical culture and they often get into tiffs with each other. And though they are a sapient people that don’t do deliberate harm, gnoll bites can snap bones and their claws are sharp enough to cut through metal chains; so it is considered safest avoid them when possible.

Sometimes they will team up with Sentient bandits, but this usually ends with the death of the bandits as gnolls do not like to be cheated and will not hesitate to seek justice if they feel wronged.

Their mountain-edge territories are easy to recognise, with bones and tanning leather strewn from edge to edge, and they have makeshift villages with large fire pits and decorative tapestries.

Some gnolls have successfully learnt to live in other Mystic cultures, such as with goblins, orcs, coniferie, and hymarth and arthromanto. And, despite their aggressive natures, gnolls have a soft-spot for soft fliers. They have never been known to harm soft fliers, and have been found fawning over them. There are also rumours of gnolls that have integrated into Har’py society, though it has never been proven.

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