Goblin Chibi

Goblins are an extremely social race of green-skinned humanoids that dwell in caves and value art and family.

There are debates about the rights of goblins as Mystics, as they often try to live in Sentient societies; but they refuse to learn the law of the country and tend to continue living by goblin law. This causes many issues, and a lot of people see goblins as pests instead of capable, intelligent beings.

They are roughly 4’0” when standing at their full height, and less than 2’0” in their preferred, hunched-over stance. Often, they will skitter about on all fours in a grotesque, unnatural way. They insist this is the most comfortable way for them to move, however, so the majority of Sentients will hold their tongues.

Goblins live in massive colonies made of extended family that average upwards of 500 members. Though they will sometimes leave the colonies to travel, or the colonies will spread out over great distances, they feel a strong bond of loyalty to their swarm. Because of this loyalty is very rare for a goblin to be banished, though it is not unheard of.

The time spent away from a colony means nothing; a goblin born or raised in a colony will always be a member of the colony, no matter where they travel to or even if they join multiple swarms. Oftentimes, to show loyalty to their family, they will get their colony’s mark tattooed behind their right ear; and if they join a second colony they will get a new tattoo beside the previous.

They keep many pets, such as canaries, imps, spiders, naked mole rats, and even mimics. However, their favoured animal companions are hairless cats.

Not much is known about their religions, as they assume everyone else knows and don’t ever explain it. All that’s known is that they worship a god called Gamahi.

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