Kobold Chibi

Kobolds are bipedal lizard-people who roam the cave systems underneath Demrefor. The type of lizards they resemble depends on their origin; they tend to mimic the native fauna of the area they settle in, and sometimes even unknowingly have shifts in their camouflage after moving to new areas.

They are only about 30cm tall, but this does nothing to diminish their intelligence and they are considered some of the best natural craftsmen on the planet. Even the youngest kobolds able to grasp the necessary skills needed to complete the fine metalwork that is the staple of their armour and weaponry.

Their main diet consists of insects and small mammals such as mice, though they will trade metalwork for soft meats from larger animals when able; especially poultry and fish.

They are on neutral terms with most Sentients, but due to several misunderstandings in the past they consider foxen people enemies and have declared war on the Empire. This war with foxens makes kobolds reluctant to communicate with any other Sentient race, in fear that the Empire will learn their secrets, so not much is known about them.

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