Minotaur Chibi

Minotaurs are long-furred bulls that walk on two legs and have sapient levels of intelligence. They don’t speak any known Sentient language but are known to speak with orcs and goblins. They are also one of the only races known that soft fliers will approach without hesitation, due to their gentle natures.

They tend to live on their own underground, in the complicated cave systems under Demrefor. They rarely come into the upper world, but when they do they are very courteous to the inhabitants and leave the world as they found it, being careful even of ant hills and bird nests.

They often help the lost find their way out of the labyrinth-like caves, not asking for anything in return.

Though they are extremely gentle animals, they have been known to become violent while protecting children, and will not hesitate to attack those they deem dangerous.

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