Mirror Clone

Mirror Clone Plant Chibi

Mirror clones are a Mystic creature created by a magical plant, consisting of a single stalk and trap-like flower which bites creatures that get too close. The bite is used to extract a small amount of blood.

After the plant has bitten something the extracted blood is used to grow a large pod, similar to a seedpod. The pod grows bigger and bigger, generally gestating for six months to a year (dependant on the size of the bitten animal) before it splits open and births a near-exact clone of the creature that was bitten. Plants can gestate multiple pods at once, and it is not uncommon for plants to make multiple clones of the same creature.

These clones often have mental health issues such as anxiety or aggression, but otherwise they have the same abilities as any other species from its kind. In the case of Sentients and Mystics, these clones are able to live relatively normal lives and integrate into their own cultures provided they are shown patience and understanding.

Upon the death of the clones, or the severing of limbs, plant seeds will begin to germinate in their decomposing flesh. Because of this, most known mirror clones are cremated to destroy the seeds and stop the spread of the plant.

Mirror clones are considered Mystics because of their unnatural births and the fact that they are usually found wandering the wilds, making their own lives.

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