Orc Chibi

Orcs are cave-dwelling humanoids that stand around 7 feet tall and develop a natural bulk that makes them extremely proficient fighters.

Their skin can range from green to blue to grey, and they have slight hunches and large teeth in their lower jaw that give them severe underbites.

The main reason orcs are not considered Sentients is simply that they prefer the company of goblins and so do not often move into Sentient cities. Instead they coexist with goblins, joining swarms and living by goblin culture. Orcs are often found taking up work as bodyguards for travelling goblins; a job they take very seriously.

Orcs that live outside of goblin territories tend to be solitary, with groups of orcs being only 3-5 members large.

Despite being one of the more common Mystic races to come across while travelling, not much else is known about orcs as they tend to be very private.

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