Salaytah Chibi

The salaytah are a Mystic race of people that resemble giant isopods. They come in an array of browns, greys, and yellows, which help them blend in with their natural environment in the Bia Boralis swamps.

They have a plated exoskeleton that’s as hard as tungsten covering their backs, with a softer, more venereal underbelly. Their strong exoskeleton is in high demand in the armour market as, unlike tungsten, it is impact-resistant and extremely durable. There is a debate in the explored territories surrounding the ethics of selling salaytah exoskeleton, as salaytah have no issues selling trading their shed skeletons to Sentients, but there are also black market sellers that have killed salaytah for their shells.

Not much else is known about the salaytah as they keep to themselves and don’t communicate in any way known to Sentients; their language is comprised of high clicks and chirps that are difficult to mimic and understand.

They are the reason the continent of Bia Boralis as not been explored, as while the salaytah are a passive race that won’t attack if met along their territory’s borders, they are unaccommodating of outsiders and don’t allow Sentients to pass into their territory.

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