Soft Flier

Soft Flier Chibi

Soft fliers are a small, humanoid moth-like race that are often described as adorable, quiet, and friendly. They are covered in a soft, powdery fluff that keeps them warm and protects their skin. They are intelligent, though they do not seem capable of speech.

Living mostly in warmer climates, they can be found exploring the outskirts of well-lit towns and villages, looking through rubbish or returning lost items. Because of their nocturnal nature, they are rarely seen during the day except for in their underground sleeping caves, which are often abandoned by the soft fliers if discovered by a Sentient. The sleeping caves that have been found were decorated in reflective stones and colourful flowers and fabrics.

They are shy and mostly approach children, but a calm adult may be able to coerce a soft flier into approaching if they are given an incentive. Sweet candies and containers of glitter are common offers to the soft fliers that may get them to come close.

There has never been a successful verbal communication with a soft flier, though many humans claim to have taught them sign language.

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