Taur Chibi

Taurs are a very intelligent Mystic that are only separate from Sentients due to their refusal to integrate with Sentient societies and acknowledge kingdom borders.

They are closely related to fauns, with cervitaurs being descended from the mixed children of fauns and taurs who bred back into the taur species.

Taurs use titles to distinguish gender and sex. For adults, tauride is the feminine title and tauros is the masculine title. For children, taurin is the feminine and taurna is the masculine. Taur is the gender-neutral title that is used to refer to strangers, and most commonly used by Sentients to refer to the species as a whole.

They tend to live in large communal herds in wide open plains and fields, sometimes on the outskirts of forests or woods. They sometimes make small shacks and huts to live in, but prefer natural shelter over buildings.

Generally, herds don’t enjoy the company of Sentients. Most will not harm Sentients who stumble onto taur land, but more often than not will send them away.

Taurs can be any hoofed animal, though the most common are listed below:
Centaur — Horse
Cervitaur — Deer/Moose
Sustaur — Pig
Vayutaur — Antelope/Gazelle
Bostaur — Cattle/Buffalo

Rarely, a taur will be born with the recessive “unicorn” gene. This gene gives them a tiny bump of bone on their forehead when they are born that will grow as they age into a long, sharp horn that is imbued with magic. These taurs are most common in centaur communities, though they can appear in any taur or half-taur.

There are also the rare Aquataurs, which generally have whale-like lower halves and are so large it’s difficult to communicate with them. Not much is known about them as they tend to live on the edges of unexplored territories and avoid Sentients as much as they are able. They have some very big differences compared to mer in terms of body structure, as they look more like a human attached to a whale’s body than a humanoid seal-person.

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