Whales are an aquatic race that have lived alongside the valenor for as long as time has been recorded. They are considered holy creatures by the valenor, and the two species live side-by-side in a symbiotic culture.

There are many different types of whales found in Demrefor’s waters; from the cat-sized pink dancer, to the massive black island-back. But most notable are the orca; whales-turned-warriors who are believed to have evolved to protect the island-moving god, Vale Nor. All whales show signs of sapient-level intelligence and several types of whales, including orca and dolphins, are instinctively attracted to hunting alongside valenor.

Empathetic and gentle, their classification was changed from Bestial to Mystic in 2,000 BW shortly after the valenor and mer signed the Expedition Treaty and had whaling banned across the entirety of the explored territories. This has been an overall positive change for the oceans; the whale population increased and several deep-ocean ecosystems recovered from near-extinction.

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