Gural are a birdlike race whose most notable traits are their feathery manes, and the colourful scent glands at the corner of their eyes.

They are one of the Rendi races that make their home in Demrefor’s explored territories. Sharing their origin story with the other birdlike Sentients, they believe to come from the sister Sor Na’rai Lekt.

They prefer to make their homes by the water, often gravitating towards lakeside or beachside housing, even when in countries dominated by other Sentient races. And, as the only non-aquatic race that is able to drink saltwater, they are often found living comfortably in sea ports out on the ocean.

Physical Appearance

Av. Height: 5’1”

Gural are medium-height, bird-like humanoids with colourful feathers covering their bodies. They have bald faces, feet, and hands, and a pair of wings sprouting from their back. Their bald patches have a scaly texture to them; with their hands and feet being very similar to the feet of a bird with thick-but-flexible digits.

The most notable trait to recognise a gural are the colourful scent-glands by their eyes. These glands secrete a strong-smelling oil, often described as fishy or salty, and though they are usually flat against the skin, they will swell during intense hormonal influxes (such as puberty or sexual arousal). The skin in these glands is softer to the touch than the rest of a gural’s flesh, though it is also very sturdy and difficult to puncture.

Though the gural have bald patches, they also sport large, feathery manes. These manes cover their heads like hair, and come down their neck and onto their chests and shoulders. Some gural have manes cover their backs, as well as their chests; though this is not the case for all gural.

Alonside their manes, they also have muscular wings sprouting from their back that are shaped for gliding long distances; this is believed to come from their affinity to water and the ocean, as places to land are few and far between.

Though a gural’s beak may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the most common form is the hookbill; sharp, strong, and versatile, this parrot-like beak is often used as a tool alongside a gural’s hands.

They also have feathered tails that are used to both aid in flight and display emotions to others.

Though they can be any colour found in nature, most gural have very limited colouration; with their feathers only having one or two colours. Those that do have more than one hue often have colours that are very similar, such as pink and red, or purple and blue.