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Humans are very intelligent bipeds. Although they are fragile, their technology has been a major influence on all cultures of Demrefor.

They were the first land-dwelling world travellers and introduced many cultures who had never had the chance to meet but had heard of each others’ existence through the aquatic races.

It is believed humans were one of the Sentients to appear on Demrefor (the first being nurlak) as there are ancient human artefacts found scattered across Demrefor similar to the nurlak’s temples. They are also part of the old cultural tale, The Forgetting, and there is debate on whether they were on Demrefor before the Dassen Origin.

Physical Appearance

Av. Height (Male): 5’6”
Av. Height (Female): 5’7”

Humans are a very varied people. Though they lack any largely identifiable features such as wings or tails, they have an almost limitless variety of body types, and hair and eye colours. Even their teeth are unremarkable, yet varied; with humans from the same family able to have completely different bites.

They are surprisingly easy to spot among more cluttered races; the hardest to tell them apart from are the nurlak and the alk.

Deformities and Disabilities

Blind / Deaf / Mute

Humans are commonly born blind, deaf, or mute, and have worked accommodations for these disabilities into their everyday life. Sign language is a mandatory language class in human schools, aiding both the deaf and the mute; because of this, they tend to get alone with seces.

The Green Spot / Storm Children

A common occurrence in abandoned babies is the ‘green spot’. This has only ever been found in children found in the middle of nowhere after large electrical storms, whose parents cannot be tracked. It is unsure why these particular conditions are consistent, but finding a child with the green spot is said to be a blessing from the gods.

Children with the green spot usually have enhanced hearing, sight, and comprehension skills. Some are able to breathe underwater, while others have increased strength.

The green spot is the only physical indicator of these skills; it is a solid bone-like lump found on the back of the neck and easily hidden by the person’s hair if they wish it to be kept a secret.

Green spot children tend to have at least one obvious disability or deformity; deafness, missing limbs, extra fingers, etc.

Hindrian Musculus

Hindrian Musculus is a viral infection that can only be caught and spread before puberty (generally between ages 10-15). Adults cannot catch or spread the infection as their fully-developed hormones kill off the virus, but the damaged caused by the virus to children will carry into adulthood.

The virus targets particular strands of the host’s DNA and inhibits growth. Once a child has caught the virus their physical growth will almost completely stop. They will not get taller, or be able to build proper muscle tone.

Those who have caught the illness still mature sexually and can bear children (who will develop normally), but they tend to have a harder time conceiving.

It has not been known to spread to non-humans; only those with human ancestry have gotten the virus.


No human country has the same culture, and though they have their own unique cultures that they cherish and keep alive, they are also extremely accepting of neighbouring countries and visiting Sentients, and will often do their best to learn the traditions of their multicultural friends.

Ocean Port

It is thought that humans have been on Demrefor almost as long as the nurlak. Their history is, similarly to the nurlak, lost to time and shrouded in mystery. They have museums dedicated to their mysterious history. Strange devices and broken technology are the main displays. Nobody is sure what any of the technology does as it’s been lost over time.

Unlike the nurlak, there have been no old temples or cities that have been discovered belonging to humans. Instead, they have found strange plate-shaped ships with mummified human remains inside. The ship-like technologies were the original inspiration for the human’s ocean-fairing boats. Because of these boats, it is believed that humans used to be a completely nomadic race.

Large Boat

Common Religions



Unlike most other Sentients, humans have many different languages. Most human countries will have their own unique spoken and written language that developed as the country did. They all, however, have the same base language from which they were developed, known as Old Human.

One thing that is consistent in all human countries in their sign language; which is taught as one of their primary languages alongside International and their countries own language. The biggest difference in sign language is the slang used by signers.

Human laughter is as diverse as the rest of their languages. Humans will laugh in varies ways, from choke-snorting to quiet panting to an explosive scream of joy. Some humans don’t laugh at all and simply say “that’s funny” in order to express joy.


Clothing in human culture is as varied as everything else.

The colours range across all the spectrums. They have dresses, suits, shirts, pants, skirts, silks, and more. The accessories on their clothing are no better: from shoulder spikes to necklaces, humans have designed a huge variety of clothes and happily shared them with all other cultures.


Human armour tends to be made of very bulky, painted metal. It’s based off old armour that was discovered on ancient human remains.

Their helmets have thick glass visors and small metal grates at the mouth for breathing.

Overly large shoulder pads, metal hinges, and soulstone-powered lights are very common decorations in human armour.

The armour is very useful for long-distance combat using things such as archery, but in close-combat the armour can be very restricting due to its bulky build.


In 4,623 AE a human woman, Angelica Monroe, invented the typewriter. Though typewriters are cheaper than they were when Angelica initially began selling them, the manufacturing process still remains a closely guarded family secret, with newly-made typewriter prices starting at 1,000 gold, and ending at 25,000. The biggest market for the typewriter is in the Felinic Gallamor, where wealthy schools often provide their students with typewriters for their classwork.

Humans are known for their love of small and shiny trinkets such as coins, dice, and glitter. They collect them and decorate their homes with them.

Humans are found all over Demrefor, and there is documented evidence that there are human societies living outside the explored territories.

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