Mixed Chibi

It is very, very common for a Sentient to have children with another Sentient (or Mystic) race. The universal term for this is a “mixed” child, though some cultural pockets may use more localised terms.

When referring to a mixed person’s bloodline, you use their mother’s lineage before their father’s; so someone with a wolven mother and maren father would be a wolven / maren mix.
If either parent is a mix, the same applies. So someone with a wolven / avio mother and a maren father would be a wolven / avio / maren mix.

If a mixed family doesn’t show traits from one of their listed races for 3 generations, it’s considered appropriate to remove the species from their title.


The mixing of Sentient traits is not always a good thing, genetically. Often, mixed children will be born with disfigurements or disabilities that affect them later in life. This is especially true with emotional disorders; with the mixed child having conflicting instincts from both sides of their family.

A good example of this is when nurlak mix with winged sentients; often the genes for the extra limbs get confused with the wing genes, and the children can be born with a variety of strange, debilitating combinations of arms and wings that make everyday life difficult.

Mixed children are not always symmetrical. This is especially common with mixes that have a wolven parent; it is very common for half-wolven children to absorb each other in the womb and come out with uneven features.

This can be as simple as an uneven jaw or different coloured eyes, but sometimes it is more serious, such as when they have different length legs or different ears types.

Some mothers are shocked to give birth up to 6 months earlier than expected when mixing with species that develop faster, such as harpies.

Notable Mixes

There have been many mixed Sentients throughout history. Some of them famous for their rarer, more notable inherited genetics; some of them famous for their great deeds and characters.


A dassen / harpy mix named Colla’colkort (born 7,361 AE in Ayaka’Doka Nuk to banished Ginageko and runaway Fen’okat) went down in history after she was taken as a slave by the Coto prince. She single-handedly started the well-known Coto Civil War by convincing the prince to free Coto’s slaves and was a key contributor in the dethroning of the Coto king and rewrite of the Coto laws.

One of her most amazing physical features was the feature that caught the prince’s eye: she had no arms, as the dassen wing and harpy wing genetics had mixed and she was left with only half-membraned wings that were useless for flight. She was nicknamed “The Wyvern” during the civil war.

Distro Nigelle

Queen Distro Headshots

Distro Nigelle is a foxen / wolven mix who was born appearing rather unremarkable. She spent the majority of her life away from the world with her son, Ka’harja Nigelle.

In 10,053 AE Distro called the goddess Klict using a well-known foxen art known as dragon-shifting— however, unlike most dragon-shifters, she didn’t fully shift back and stayed in a half-dragon form. Shortly after taking her new form she inherited the throne of Canis La’Can, and discovered she had become ageless— and learning she was truly immortal during an attempted assassination.

She has since used her immortality to create stability in her kingdom.

Though her age seems to have made her susceptible to boredom and scattered her memory of faces and time, she has not become cruel and does her best to maintain peace.

Distro Dragon Form

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