Burnsay are a spirit belonging to the Animon religion. Only Sentients who believe in the Animon religion and Goddess Scara become burnsay, as burnsay are designed by The Goddess as a state of limbo while they await her judgement. They reside at the very north of the world with the blue moon Peri in the Dream World.

Yet-to-be-judged spirits are stripped of their corporal form and coated in a substance called orbsoul. This orbsoul encases their soul into a small ball and constantly leaks to shapes into the body of the burnsay, which they are given 1,000 eclipses to make up for their sins in life before they move on to be judged by The Goddess. Some spirits who have done great evil in life choose to flee Scara’s judgement and instead become ghosts.

The small soul ball of the burnsay is protected by a large bird-skull head. This skull head is made from the sternum of their old body, which is removed from their chests and placed on their faces during Animon burial rituals. They have a very clear resemblance to the ancient nurlak gods, and it is believed the 12 armed serpents were a type of burnsay.

Burnsay are rarely different from who they were in life. They are simply people who are waiting to move on, and behave as such. The Goddess rarely stops them from doing as they please; though any actions they take as a burnsay will effect how they are judged at the end of their 1,000 eclipses.

The reason the burnsay realm is called the Dream World is because it gives them the ability to visit the living while the living sleep. Some burnsay choose to visit loved ones and gift them with gentle, loving dreams; while others choose to give people nightmares for their own amusement.

It is said that drinking burnsay tears can induce prophetic seeings, though nobody who claims to have done so has ever been able to prove if their visions were hallucinations or true prophecies.

Some have claimed they were sent visions the past by drinking burnsay tears, rather than the future. Though again, there is no proof of the vision’s accuracy.

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