Ga’oa Crawler

Ga’oa crawlers are an undead most commonly found in Heck’ne, with the term “ga’oa” being Har’py for “deep hole”; it refers to the steep, unclimbable cave entrances that fall into Demrefor’s depths. Though ga’oa crawlers are found all over Demrefor, Heck’ne was the only country in the Alliance that believed in the crawlers until the early 12,000s, when there were several properly-documented cases that lead to the crawlers being recognised as real, dangerous creatures.

Ga’oa crawlers are the decomposing corpses of people who have fallen into the caves under Demrefor. Their bodies are broken from the deep falls, with their bones twisting and jutting out from under their taunt skin as they move and crawl at terrifyingly fast speeds. They can twist their limbs at unnatural angles in order to hold onto and climb the steep walls of the caves they live in. Oftentimes they will overstretch their limbs, extending them in ways that dislocate the bones, in order to reach footholds.

They have only been known to come out at night, when the pink moon is small or obscured by clouds, and they attack any living creature that gets too close to their holes; dragging them down to devour them.

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