Many-faces are collections of partial, incomplete souls that have joined together in an attempt to repair themselves after death. They most commonly occur in areas that have suffered high-casualty disasters and it is thought that the trauma of the disaster that killed the people connected to a many-face is what damaged their souls.

Most many-faces only begin to appear 100-300 years after the disasters have ended and many believe this is how long it takes for the souls to knit together into their intangible forms.

Many-faces names come from the fact they are constantly shifting through physical appearances, and that they never have the same face for long. The constant shifting of appearance has been described as “disturbing” by many who have come across them.

They are a mostly-peaceful spirit that lingers in the world with a restless sadness and empathetic words for those who find them.

Many Sentients leave offerings in areas known to be inhabited by many-faces, in hopes of helping the injured souls find rest.

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