Nymphs are the spirits of Sentients and Mystics who died in a place they considered a refuge from the outside world, such as by a stream or in a forest clearing. Many nymphs are the victims of abuse, and would use this refuge to escape their abusers; and it is not uncommon for nymphs to have been murdered by their abusers.

Nymphs are a completely conscious spirit, very similar to a ghost. However, they are bound to their place of death and over time absorb the energies of the surrounding area, gaining a semi-physical form and becoming infused with powers that regular ghosts do not have.

They may be able to control elements, such as water or wind, and can also influence animals and people who frequent their home with their powers. Commonly, they will induce a sense of calm to those that are welcome, and a sense of fear or unease in those who are not.

As they have a physical form, they can be killed. This second death severs their spirit from their place of binding, and though it doesn’t destroy them their spirits generally become very restless after this and rarely find peace.

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