Possessed Soulstone

Possessed soulstone is a type of undead that is not completely proven to exist, and is thought by many to only be a myth. It is directly connected to the belief that dying from a soulstone infection will trap the victim’s soul inside the crystal, only able to be freed by the shattering of the stone.

There are many myths about how, exactly, possessed soulstone behaves and interacts with the world.

The most common belief people have is that the soul is completely trapped inside the stone; unable to talk or communicate with the outside world.

Others have claimed that they have been able to hear the souls whispering from inside their prison, begging for freedom. Mostly, it has been people with soul magic or aura sensing that have said to have heard soulstone speak to them.

Souls becoming locked in soulstone independent of the body is the rarest known form of possessed soulstone; with only 1 known instances of it happening. A human who became trapped in a falcon statue and brought it to life, able to move and speak as if she were still alive. She became known as the Blood Falcon and became a symbol of freedom and justice.

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