Reanimated Corpse

Reanimated corpses are an unnatural form of undead which have been created by necromancers. Though they use the body of a once-living creature or person, a reanimated corpse is in no way alive and have no soul or personality of their own. They are simply an empty shell moved by magic.

As these corpses are not brought back to life, simply ordered to move by magic, they do not stop decaying and will continue to rot until they do not have enough flesh to hold them together; when the magic controlling them will fall away and they will become motionless once again.

A reanimated corpse is completely obedient to it’s summoner and will not take action without clear, detailed instructions. The corpse will follow these instructions with no regard for the wellbeing of itself or others; a reanimated corpse will destroy itself without hesitation if it is ordered to. They are very similar to the soulless, in this regard.

Even though there are some countries that allow the reanimation of animal corpses, there is no country in the explored territories that allows the reanimation of a body from a Sentient race. To do so is considered offencive to the dead and punishments tend to be very severe.

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