Sing Sprite

The sing sprite is a magical undead spirit with an enchanting song. It lives deep in Demrefor’s cave systems, using its song to attract people into its territory.

People who follow the sing sprite’s song into the caves may disappear for days at a time, listening to the spirit sing to them and following its voice through the caves.

When a sing sprite is done with its song it will lead its listener out of the cave and into the open again. The people don’t remember much from their time underground; just the melody of the song they heard.

Once out of the caves, the people who encounter sing sprites feel refreshed and joyous in a way that has been described as similar to a drug high. Many become addicted to this feeling and will return to the sing sprite, over and over until they outright refuse to leave the caves.

If a person becomes addicted to a sing sprite’s song and is overexposed to the spirit’s voice they will begin to transform into one of these spirits themselves; eventually shedding their physical body and becoming an incorporeal voice.

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