If a zombie is left too long in the right conditions, its flesh will rot away entirely and it will become a skeleton. Skeletons are the reanimated bones of the undead, held together by the physical manifestation of their damaged and dying souls. The sticky, rotting soul oozes from the joints of the skeleton’s bones and seeps out of any cracks or scratches.

They are completely feral; retaining no consciousness and viciously attacking anything they come across.

Some skeletons found in the wilderness have been estimated to be hundreds of years old. Though, the oldest ever discovered was the body of a human female found in the catacombs of an ancient nurlak temple in Tcku. It still wore its ancient armour and its bones had completely fossilised. It killed 3 people before it was subdued and, after being put to rest in the royal cemetery, earned the nickname “Grandmother.”

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