After a roughly 2-year hiatus due to covid, I’m revising the site and everything that’s currently written on it before moving to new content! Some pages may be hidden or broken, please be patient while I handle this.

I’m trying out a public to-do list for Demrefor’s website and world-building!

The lists are in no real order, and will be worked on probably at random because I’m easily distracted, haha! Bolded text indicates something that is high-priority, while italics indicates very low priority.

Page Contents

  • Maps – Continent Descriptions / Country descriptions
  • Sentient races page contents
  • Draconic species
  • Cultural Stories
  • Magic – Practically everything is still incomplete
  • Religion page contents
  • Organisations
  • Games – The alk game (the gross one) / Caves and Creatures


  • New homepage landing image
  • Sentients – Page art to break up those huge walls of text
  • Replace all placeholder images
  • Species – Redo the icons on the navigation page once all the species art is finished
  • Demrefor Page Art (just enough to break up the text a little)
  • Free Species Bases – Redraw and clean up
  • Religions – Har’py (WALLS of text, yikes)
  • Religions – Animon (add some pretty stuff to break it up)
  • Cultural Stories – paragraph breaks and cover art
  • Magic page
  • Undead – All art needs to be done (dig out old concept sketches for reference)
  • New Website Icon

Backend Cleanup

  • Backup updated pages to downloaded files
  • Reupload new & high res images to the website
  • Remove unused images from media documents / remove all images labelled TEMP

Backburner List (stuff that’ll be started when all of the above is done)

  • Mystics – Sort out the extra werepeople stuff. MAYBE post it.
  • Sentients – Mixed – Extra info & more notable mixes
  • Move to draft 3- Rewrite the pages & edit grammar.
  • Consistancy edits
  • Add links to pages when things are mentioned (EG, when the alliance is mentioned on the wolven page, highlight and add a link)