I’m trying out a public to-do list for Demrefor’s website and world-building!

The lists are in no real order, and will be worked on probably at random because I’m easily distracted, haha! Bolded text indicates something that is high-priority, while italics indicates very low priority.

Page Contents

  • Maps – Continent Descriptions / Country descriptions
  • Sentient races page contents
  • Draconic species
  • Cultural Stories
  • Magic – Practically everything is still incomplete
  • Religion page contents
  • Organisations
  • Games – The alk game (the gross one) / Caves and Creatures


  • New homepage landing image
  • Sentients – Page art to break up those huge walls of text
  • Replace all placeholder images
  • Species – Redo the icons on the navigation page once all the species art is finished
  • Demrefor Page Art (just enough to break up the text a little)
  • Free Species Bases – Redraw and clean up
  • Religions – Har’py (WALLS of text, yikes)
  • Religions – Animon (add some pretty stuff to break it up)
  • Cultural Stories – paragraph breaks and cover art
  • Magic page
  • Undead – All art needs to be done (dig out old concept sketches for reference)
  • New Website Icon

Backend Cleanup

  • Backup updated pages to downloaded files
  • Reupload new & high res images to the website
  • Remove unused images from media documents / remove all images labelled TEMP

Backburner List (stuff that’ll be started when all of the above is done)

  • Mystics – Sort out the extra werepeople stuff. MAYBE post it.
  • Sentients – Mixed – Extra info & more notable mixes
  • Move to draft 3- Rewrite the pages & edit grammar.
  • Consistancy edits